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The 8th version of Microsoft Windows is scheduled to be released to the masses in the last week of October 2012. In the world of technology, things are constantly changing. Windows 8 is bringing about some sweeping changes, mostly to the interface, which may take time for employees to learn and adjust to.

An overview of some major changes is listed below:

Tablet like Interface – The first thing you’ll notice when you first log in to Windows 8 is that literally everything has changed but should seem intuitively familiar to tablet and smartphone users. Instead of icons and folders you’ll have rectangular boxes, or tiles, which are similar to the icons on smartphones. These tiles are the “apps”. If you have Microsoft Office installed, you will see a tile on the main screen with the Office logo. When you click on the tile, the “app” will start. App tiles are live, or dynamic, which means they will show new information, like the number of new emails.

Windows 8 new interface was designed to be used on tablets, touch screens and PCs, thus making the overall interface very touch friendly. You’ll be navigating the old fashioned way with a mouse or track pad If you’re not using a tablet or touch screen.

Navigation – From the main screen of Windows 8, you’ll notice two things are missing. The first is the integral Start button that you’re used to finding on the bottom left. We usually use it to find and launch our programs. It’s now hidden. To access it, move your mouse to the bottom-left corner of the screen and it will appear.

The second major thing missing is the desktop as we know it. It has been turned into an app tile and can be found on the main screen. Clicking on the tile will open the desktop that you are accustomed to.

Windows 8 has incorporated some features from Apple’s OS that it is calling “Charms.” Moving your mouse to the corners of the screen represent an action, such as moving to the top-left corner of the screen bringing up a list of recently used apps that you can click on to open. The right corners of the screen launch features like Settings, Search and Devices.

Does Windows 8 work with my business? - Adoption of Windows 8 may pose a few hurdles to overcome. The largest concern is that its new interface is a large departure from other previous of Windows. For many employees, they are concerned with getting their work done. Becoming familiar with a new interface will be disruptive and take time away from getting their work done. Owners and Managers should work with their IT department, or provider, to provide training for their staff to ease the transition.

The next hurdle may be software compatibility. The software you’re using now may not work on Windows 8 when it’s first launched. While a lot of new versions of popular software are already compatible, older versions and less popular software may not be completely compatible at this time. You may also need to consider the cost of upgrading your software so that it IS compatible with Windows 8.

For many small businesses, Windows 8 will appear workstation by workstation as your company adds computers or upgrades aging ones. You may be thinking of migrating over to Windows 8 when it’s released but are unsure if the software you use will be compatible. Introducing one Windows 8 installation to your network is a good way to find out by installing and testing all of software that workstation will need to run.

If you have any questions about training for Windows 8 or implementing Windows 8 in your business, please contact us at 888 777-WURX (9879) or e-mail - See our COMPUTER SERVICES page to learn more about the services we offer.


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