How do mulitiple monitors make you more productive?

Six Monitor Multi-Screen Setup

Dual or multiple screen monitors can help boost productivity significantly, enabling businesses to complete tasks and meet client concerns much more efficiently and speedily.  Studies have shown this to be true of a multi-screen setup time and time again.

At first thought, people may find the use of dual screens a bit excessive or unnecessary, but there is more than meets the eye with a dual screen setup.  As a matter of fact, dual screens are quite typical and quad or more displays are not unheard of!  There are a lot of advantages to using dual screens, provided that you can cope with the minor cons and challenges of utilizing a dual screen setup.

Increased productivity is the number one motivating factor to deploy multiple monitors. Several studies have indicated that using dual displays can boost productivity anywhere from 10 to 40 percent. Paticularly if you use multiple programs at the same time, multiple displays allow you to have a improved view (physically and metaphorically) of what tasks you are working on, better keep track of workflow and divide tasks based on the monitors you are using.

Let’s take a look at this example, you might need to be constantly online on social networking websites like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ to interact with your clients and respond to questions and concerns. You may also need to attend to other tasks, which can be cluttered and confusing when done all on one screen. With a dual or multi-screen setup, you can keep your social networking tasks on one display, and the rest of your tasks on the other.

Space and resources may be an issue for some, but considering the increased productivity that goes with adopting dual monitors, you will accomplish your tasks much earlier and much more efficiently. This will offset the additional costs, especially in the long term.  Multiple monitors can be placed side by side or stacked one on top of the other.  There is a selection of various stands available to assist you arranging monitors to your preference.

If you are looking to give multiple monitors a try or need help with your multi-screen setup, please contact us at 888 777-9879 or and we’ll be glad to assist you with product selection and multi-screen setup.

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