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New CryptoWall 3.0 surfaces

A new wave of CryptoWall attacks have shown up in e-Mails containing social engineering attacks call Phishing attacks. These e-Mails have .chm files attached that carry the malware infection into the network.  A .chm file is a file type used for publishing Help documents … Continue reading

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“Your Computer has been locked!” – About the fake FBI Warning Ransomware Virus

As an ardent supporter of Windows, its subsceptability to malware attacks is still a sore black eye.  Fortunately for me, I followed this advice to minimize the impact of a virus.  Specifically – my account was a standard user account, … Continue reading

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Simple Windows Tips to Avoid Viruses and Increase Security

I’m so eager to give you the #1 most helpful tip for making your computer more secure and less vulnerable to viruses and malware that I’m just going to jump right into it //#1: Logon as standard user account that does not … Continue reading

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