ITWurx is a full service computer repair & IT support company. See below for a list of our common services

Off-Site Backup On-Site backups protect your data from hard drive failure and accidental deletions but they wont protect you from theft or fire. We offer offsite backup solutions from, an online backup provider in the cloud, to ensure that your data will be recoverable and survive any mishap or disaster.
Managed IT Services IWe Provide proactive computer management, server management, network and server monitoring, update, maintenance, and back-up services. Our managed services will ensure maximum system uptime and minimize downtime. Our monitoring and automated reporting technologies supervise your servers, routers and firewalls performance, availability and utilization.
Virus Removal / Anti-Virus We don't just "remove" viruses - we kill them. Todays malware is so sophisticated that removal alone is not sufficient. We will properly, and permanently cure you computer of ANY virus. Anti-Virus protection is essential not only for Windows operating systems, but for Macintosh too.

Repairf it's broken, we'll fix it. With over 12 years of experience, we're keen troubleshooters. We will resolve slowness, freezing, boot failures, intermitent operation and otherwise strange behaviors. We fix computers, servers, networks, Wireless and Internet connectivity.

Support Help is only a phone call away. We provide on-site & remote support via phone and with remote access software. Out IT support specialists area available on a case by case basis or with a support agreement. If we can't solve your issue remotely, we'll dispatch a service technician A.S.A.P!
Security Computer & Network security is an essential requirement in todays computer network systems. The bad guys are not just trying to steal information anymore. They may comandeer your systems for use to attack another system... or maybe just steal your information after all.

NetworkingOur networking expertise is one of the skills that sets us apart from other computer service companies. Interoffice VPN, Firewalls, Routers and Wireless Access Points. WAN, LAN, WLAN & WWAN. DSL, T1, Cable & FIOS

Cabling Voice/Data We do network cabling for your whole office. We can also add voice & data.. Forget unsightly cables hanging from the ceiling or stapled to the wall. Our installers will add phone jacks and network jacks in the wall, not on it. For solid wall applications we use cable moldings with a tidy look for your professional office.