itwurx employs various technologies to assist your company in achieving it's objectives and goals. We pride our love of technology because loving what we do gives us a distinct competitive edge.

Call (888) 777-WURX for assistance with phone lines, phone jacks, phone systems and VoIP phone systems

POTS / PSTN We have moved, installed, repaired and serviced plain old copper telephone services in a variety of deployments to homes, offices and business for over a decade.

Our expert telephone technicians can install and move telephone jacks. We also troubleshoot and repair crackling, static and other quality of services issues.


We not only design, service and deploy Voice over IP phones and phone systems, we use them! Using a hosted phone system solution such as PhoneBooth and CloudWurx, or deploying your own phone system and a SIP provider allows us to deploy state of the art telephone systems to take, make and route calls in a manner that is most efficient for you and your customers no matter where they are.

Call (888) 777-WURX for In-House & Hosted Virtualization. We can put you in the cloud

CloudWurx - Hosted Solution

CloudWurx is our private cloud computing platform. With CloudWurx, your mission critical serivices are managed and hosted by us in our highly secure data center with redundant power, cooling and backbone internet connectivity. Never buy another server and incur high deployment costs again. CloudWurx also offers Hybrid Cloud where we install a Sync server at your main or branch office to make sure that your staff has a fast connection to your data even if your internet connection is down or congested.

ServerServer virtualization offers several distinct advantages to bare metal implimentations. We can deploy new virtual servers as well as convert your physical installations into virtual ones. Virtualization gives your server hardware and software platform independence to dramatically simplify and accelerate upgrades, disaster recoveries, migrations and upgrades.





Hyper-V Microsoft Hyper-V is a Hyper Visor virtualization technology included in Windows Server 2008 & Server 2008 R2. Adding an application server or virtual workstation can be achieved without purchasing additional and costly servers or software.


VM-Ware VMWare has created a highly mature, robust and flexible virtualization platform for Desktops, Workstations and Servers.. VMWare Workstation, ESX, ESXi, VSphere and VCenter are all supported and ideal for rapid deployment of workstations and servers while also offereing scalability and fault tolerance.

ProxMox ProxMox is an open source "Hyper Visor", or virtualization platform, that we support for low cost virtualization implementations of Windows and/or Linux server operating systems.





Desktop Imagine never having to reload, repair or upgrade another workstation again! Imagine simultaneous application upgrades to all workstations! We can deploy an in-house or hosted virtualized desktop environment using servers and thin client terminals. This solution is also a great option for branch offices and a remote or mobile workforce.
ApplicationApplication virtualization offers efficiency, speed and manageability. We can virtualize your application using Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) to deploy your program(s) to local and remote offices, sites, telecommuters and your mobile workforce. Your applications will perform like your workforce is at your main office no matter where they are!


Database / SQL We deploy, support and maintain database technologies from FoxPro, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL, Postgre SQL, Oracle, FileMaker and more. We have also deployed and supported custom and industry specific databases for a multitude of clients.
E-mail We deploy and support public and private e-mail systems. The most popular and flexible e-mail server available today is Microsoft Exchange Server. We also deploy, support and maintain Blackberry Enterprise Server and Blackberry Enterprise Server Express (BES & BESX)
Web/FTPThe most popular web servers today, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS on Windows) and Apache (Linux), are available as in-house and hosted solutions. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is ideal for business that need to exchange large files and are common for graphic, media and design firms.
Active Directory / Security Microsoft Active Directory is an integral part of all Microsoft Windows Server installed in a "domain", or business unit. We support Active Directory Users, Groups & Computers, Sites & Services and Group Policies. We can impliment and support single and multi-site deployments of Active Directory.
File Server The most basic server at the core of most network businesses is the File Server. The smallest offices may use a "psuedo" server, or a key workstation to share files while more mature businesses use a dedicated server running a server operating system for file sharing. We can impliment a secure and departmentalized file server for user selective access or denial of access to shared files and folders across your organization.

Application Server An application server is one that is dedicated to providing shared access to a paticular program or service. A program which is specific to your business (line of business application) is often deployed on a seperate server or virtual server. We have deployed coutless application servers in a variety of fields and we can deploy, support and/or maintain your application server.