Space Shuttle Endeavour does a fly by and lands at LAX

We headed down towards LAX off of Imperial highway in El Segundo this afternoon to witness the landing of the Space Shuttle Endeavour at LAX International Airport in Los Angeles, CA.

We ended up finding a spot on the shoulder of Imperial just east of where the 105 ends.  It’s a no stopping zone where everybody has stopped.  The police are present and threatening to ticket and tow, but that’s laughable because here the earth stands still in peaceful anarchy, waiting for the shuttle to arrive.  The traffic on the 105 east is stopped and people can be seen crowding the edges of overpasses and roadways all around.

Nearing 1pm PST, the Space Shuttle Endeavour comes into sight, flying low to the ground over the left runway at LAX with two fighter jets in chase.

Space Shuttle Endeavour flys by LAX

Space Shuttle Endeavor landing at LAX

Space Shuttle Endeavor landing at LAX

Whistling, cheering and applause erupt from all around as people loose containment of their excitement at the site of the Shuttle approaching the airport.  The shuttle, atop it’s tow plane, climbs out and turns downwind for a left pattern after passing by, only to return shortly for touchdown.

We work hard here at ITWURX to be sure that the technology in your life works – but for the historic tour of the Shuttle at low altitude around the southland and it’s arrival in preparation for delivery to the California Science Museum are worthy of a short break.  I hope you enjoyed this short story during your short break.

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