IT Support Company – Does my small business need one?

it support companies and it consultants help small business owners like this one every day

This guy definately needs an IT Support Company or an IT Consultant

As a small business who doesn’t usually command the resources that our larger competitors with it support specialists on staff do, we are required to be multi talented, multi-taskers and wear multiple hats.  In the small business, it is usually the owner, a key employee or a friend/family member that becomes the tech support guy.

The cost of hiring IT Support Companies and IT Consultants is usually an expense deferred as long as possible until the company finds that they’ve reached a barrier, such as their current tech support guy being unable to implement a technology or solve an issue, or until a major computer or network failure occurs.  In the case of a failure, the owner finds themselves typing “it consulting pasadena” into a search engine and making phone calls.  This article at InformationWeek reveals some advantages to hiring profession IT support, along with examples.  The article suggests that an IT consultant will spend 55% of their time providing support and maintenance.  The other 45% should be creative, innovative and constructive to advance your companies technical agility.  Setting up, maintaining, servicing and repairing your computers and network can become a hindrance to the completion of an employees or owners tasks.  When a small business hires an IT Support Specialist, they often find themselves wondering why they hadn’t hired an “IT Guy” sooner.

IT Consulting is on the rise.  IT support companies and ”it consultants” are becoming more prolific, however, finding a good it support company or it consultant can be frustrating and expensive.  As with anything else, there are good it support companies and bad it support companies.  A good it support company or specialist will be in high demand with plenty of important work on their plate.  An honest it support specialist will sometimes surprise you with easy solutions to a problem or challenge you thought would be difficult or expensive.  On the other hand, bad it consulting experiences are not uncommon where, for example, the it consultant charges over and over to work on an unresolved and recurring issue.

Every small business can benefit by having a good it support specialist available.  IT consultants can allow you focus on your core competencies while being more productive and efficient due to successful implementation and use of technology to achieve business goals instead of wasting your time and energy struggling with your computers.

Look for a future article where we offer suggestions for finding a GOOD IT Support Company to assist your small business with it’s business computer and computer network needs.

ITWURX is an IT Support Company that staffs it support specialists and it consultants and provides it consulting services and microsoft consulting services to small businesses throughout Southern California.  Call 888 777-WURX for an it technical support specialist in the Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire areas.

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