CHA$E BANK – “We’re Sorry this website is temporarily unavailable” with a like button!

I spent some time down at the local Chase branch today with a couple of the best bankers on the planet.  (Disclaimer: I don’t know that many bankers.)  They are not only very friendly, but personable as well.  These Chase bankers, Karla & Francisco, are good at filling silence with seemingly sincere questions about the happenings in your life while you’re waiting. (Sincere as they may be, I suspect that they just listen to what you say and then tell you how a Chase banking product is good for whatever the heck you just said…. just kidding, but I’m still a little suspicious)

The discussion turned to American Express – Francisco mentioned that I have to pay a yearly fee.  I said, in essence, that the $100 buys me a level of service unparalleled by MasterCard and Visa and that they only offer this service to top tier customers.  I’m flattered, come to think of it.

Well – when I got home to logon to the Chase Banking website, I got this error.  My first thought was “And I would not get this from American Express!”  I added a Like button to it for you guys though! :)

While you’re taking a look at this post and showing the rest of your coworkers that you two are the best bankers on the planet – have them like us on Facebook –

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